Friday, January 2, 2009

Still hanging in there

Well im still having contractions that just arent doing anything. I have been so miserable, but my doctors just tell me it normal. Kristen left me a comment about not being able to dilate because of her not dropping in the birth canal (this pressure helps you to dilate). Since Bryleighs head size is bigger than average she just may not be able to drop. I know she has not dropped because Wednesday the doctor said she hasn't. This made alot of sense (thanks Kristen :-))so I called and asked my doctor. They said to hang in there that i did not have much longer. So I never really got an answer. I just pray that my contractions and stress aren't causing stress on Bryleigh because she definatly doesn't need anymore. I am 37 weeks now and have my appointment for a sono on Monday so hopefully I will find more out then.
We are currently adding a room on to our house and this has caused serious clutter and mess around here. Hopefully this weekend we will get done and get the house back to normal because it's driving me crazy LOL. I also would like it all done before I have Bryleigh.
Well I better get some sleep, got a busy weekend ahead! Hopefully Monday will be our big day!

~Stephanie B.
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Lillian Grace Danielle said...

Sending an abundance of prayers your way! Hang in there.

Josephine said...

Good luck! I hope tomorrow is the day :)