Monday, March 23, 2009

Neuro Surgeon Update

Bryleigh had her CT scan Friday. They canceled the MRI of her spine that was suppose to be done. The insurance would not cover it for some reason. But if Dr. Price feels she needs one then we will have it done later on. She did really good for the CT. They put her to sleep for like 15 minutes. Afterwards we met with Dr. Price to go over the findings. She said that everything looked good with the shunt. Her ventricles had gotten smaller, and her head size had not increased. However, she did see what she thought was a small arachnoid cyst. She said that normally these do not cause a problem, but it can. She is going to have an MRI in 6 months to see if it has grown, if it has, then we will have to discuss surgery :-(. Also, she said that Bryleighs hydro was not aqueductal stenosis. I had read of a procedure ETV that can be done sometimes with the aqudectual stenosis. So Bryleigh does not really fall into that category. But, her fourth ventricle is small so she could possibly still be a candidate. We will not do this if the shunt keeps doing a good job. But if for some reason it fails, Dr. Price said we could discuss having the ETV. Everytime I leave the doctor I think of a ton of questions that I wanna ask. We have an appointment with a neurologist April 7th, so I will write all my questions down and ask him. We also do not have to keep her at an incline as much as we were, I will still keep her at the incline at night to sleep, but since she likes laying flat, i will be able to let her do that more.
Bryleigh is starting to track objects more! I think she was just delayed a bit. I have seen her smile, but not at me. Lol. We will get there. Her therapy is going good. She really tries to hold her head up. She has started sleeping all night!!! She goes to sleep around 10 and wakes up for a bottle about 6. This is when i get up to get ready for work, so its great. She falls back to sleep after that and will sleep till 10. She weighed 11lbs Friday. She has chubby cheeks :-)She is soo cute!!
Overall I think she is doing great!! We love her so much!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures from my Phone!

I had two recent pictures on my phone that I figured I could upload. She is getting so big!!

I took a picture and she happend to be grinning. I havent been able to see this again :-)

Laying on mommy's bed!!(Only for a minute )

Wow I am really bad at updating my blog. I get on mostly everyday and look at others, but don't do much with mine! :-) I am back at work. This is my third week. I am enjoying being back, but miss Bryleigh. I found a lady to watch her that is near Tyler's new daycare. We really like her and are so thankful to have found her. Bryleigh is in the ECI program and when I told them where she was staying they got so excited. They said that she has a little boy that they currently visit, and have worked with her in the past and think she is great too. It helps so much knowing she is with someone who will take great care of her. Tyler didn't like his daycare at first. He said he "hated" one of his teacher. Not sure where he picked up that one, but he is 4 so there is no telling. But I have figured out that she is just a little more strict than what he is use to, but she is not mean to him. I was worried at first :-). But he is starting to like it alot more. I have a ton of new pictures, but all of them are on my computer at home. I will post some soon.
Bryleigh is still doing good. She has an MRI and a CT this Friday. They have to put her to sleep. I really don't like when she gets put to sleep, but the good thing is that I was able to get her CT and MRI on the same day. Took a little effort though. I also have made her an appt with an ophthamologist (can't spell). She is not really tracking objects. I thought she may be blind at first, but I really think she is looking at us now, she may just be delayed in that area. ECI is working with her on her tracking, they said last week she did reach out for a toy!! Woohoo!!So I have been trying this with her, but she doesnt seem interested when mommy does it. She is 2m3w now. She is not really smiling, which worries me a little, but given what all she ahs been through its probably not much to worry about. She has grinned at us a few time. So were getting there. She has kept me up all night one time. I was so tired at work the next day, but I did not complain to much because only one time is pretty good I think. Well I better get back to work!! I'll post some pictures soon!!