Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Update!!

Hello Everyone! Its been awhile since i have posted an update. Bryleigh is still doing great! Since I posted last we have met with her developmental doctor and she has had an MRI (today actually).
Well I will start with the developmental doctor. When we went Bryleigh was right at 8 months. They have her gross motor skills adjusted to about 6 months and her cognitive is at about 7 months. Her receptive and expressive language is at 8 months. The last time we went saw this doctor Bryleigh was 4 months. The doctor was only able to evaluate her gross motor skills and language. She was not able to get a good idea of her cognitive because at that time Bryleigh did not track objects or look at anything. This doctor like all her others was very concerned with her vision. When we were in her office this last time she ws very surprised that Bryleigh could see. She said she thought that Bryleigh was blind. She said she has only seen a handful of kids make such a drastic change in their visual capabilities. Overall we were very pleased with the appointment. We go back in January to see them.
Bryleigh had an MRI and an appointment with her neuro surgeon today. She did great for the MRI. She was sedated which always makes me nervous but she did awesome. We met with the neuro surgeon afterwards to go over the results. The arachnoid cyst that they have seen on her previous scans had not changed in size. So no surgery for Bryleigh. I was so worried about this. They did notice that she did have some extra folds in her brain in the occipital area. This is due to the encephalocele. She said this could cause vision problems and/or seizures. Bryleigh has not had an seizures so this has not seemed to have any effect. I still have some researching to do. I will take the radiologist report and dissect every word so that i know exactly what everything means. lol I am not sure why i do this, but oh well, i just like to know everyhitng i possible can. :-)
Bryleigh has started saying mama. At least i like to think she is doing it intentionally. She does say dada on a regular basis. She has also started trying to crawl. She get on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She also can sit on her own for a few minutes. When she gets tired she just falls over. She has not figured out how to get into a sitting position on her own, but we are working on it. She is always smiling and always laughs at her siblings. She smiles for everyone, but her brothers and sister are the only ones she really cracks up for. Tyler loves making her laugh for people. She has 4 teeth completely in and another about to come in. She grids them together sometimes and its the worst noise ever. But she likes it. haha.
We are so happy with the progress she is making. She is such a joy. I get SO excited when she does new things, well actually even if she has done it before I still get excited, lol.