Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bryleigh is still doing great! Her head has gone down to 41cm. So the shunt is still working! The test on her kidneys came back normal. They had a hard time getting her blood for the chromosome test. They had to stick her 4 times. I hate that. But hopefully they wont have to take anymore blood. They also said that she was slight jaundice. But not enough to be treated for. Her pediatric doctor said that since she is doing so well she will probably be going home soon. We will wait and see what her neuro surgeon says. I will be discharged in the morning. She was spitting up alot this morning, but did alot better throughout the day. I got to feed her and change her diaper a couple times today. Tonight i accidentally poked her cephalocele. I got so worried I hurt her but the nurses kept assuring me that I didnt, that it is just fluid, and that it did not hurt her. I still worry :-). The size of it has decreased alot so the skin is sort of wrinkled now. Well I will hopefully have an update tomorrow on if she gets to go home!! I am nervous, but I know she will do great!!!


Lillian Grace Danielle said...

She is precious!!! Congratulations! She is doing great! I know that this must ease your mind some. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! Hope that she gets to come home soon!


Kristen said...

I'm so sorry they had to stick her so many times. That's tough to watch.

I'm anxious to hear if Bryleigh gets to go home! You're going to do a great job taking care of her!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

What a sweet little angel! I hope she gets to go home soon.

She's so beautiful Stephanie! I'm happy to hear she's doing so well! Keep it up Bryleigh!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutley gorgous! Im thrilled to hear that she may be going home soon. Our pedi always tells us about our daughter to LOVE her and GROW her. When we feel we dont know how to help her we know that those are two jobs that we can do. Bryleigh is blessed to have you as loving parents and you guys will be just fine. I'll pray for your family often.