Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Closer

Well not much has happened since my last post. We are still waiting on the arrival of Miss Bryleigh. I only have a little over 5 weeks. Getting so close!! I had a sonogram last Monday and her head size is still measuring 4 weeks ahead of her gestational age. She was about 4.5lbs. Her ventricles are averaging 30mm on the left and right. And her 3rd ventricle is about 7mm. She seems to average an increase of about 6mm a month on her left and right. I have started meeting with my OB doctor every two weeks, and my sonogram doctor every two weeks. My next sonogram is Monday. My doctors still want to stick with January 12th as her delivery date. I am already so uncomfortable at times. I don't remember all this with my son Tyler, of course I worked out through the whole pregnancy, whereas this one I haven't ;-). Tomorrow I go for a tour of the NICU and meet with a neonatal doctor. I thought this would be beneficial so that we will have some what of an idea what to expect after she is born (I'm getting very nervous). She is a very active little girl already. She is constantly moving and kicking. She really starts when I lay down on my back at night.

Tyler is getting very excited about becoming a big brother. He looks at my belly and I ask him if he likes mommy's big belly, he tells me he just loves Bryleigh. He had his head laying on my stomach the other day and he could feel her kicking. It was so cute, he got so excited.

I can not believe its already Christmas time. We have not started our shopping. I will probably start this weekend. I feel like we have so much going on, but it does help keep my mind off of things. I also am having my baby shower Sunday. We still need to start on her room. So I have plenty to keep my busy until the time comes.


Kristen said...

The last few weeks I was pregnant with Cayman I felt relief and yet more nervous than ever! I wanted it to be over but was scared for it all to start. Does that make any sense? I found that a lot of my feelings were always contradictory.

Getting a tour of the NICU was calming for me. It helped me in the preceding weeks of Cayman's birth to be able to picture where she would be that I actually began to feel "excited" for the NICU than just scared.

I hope your baby shower is wonderful for you!