Monday, December 8, 2008

5 Weeks Until Our Big Day

Today I am 33w3d. I am now scheduled to have sonograms once a week until her delivery. I had a sonogram today and her vent size is now averaging 32mm on right and left, 3rd ventricle is 11mm. Her head size is at 39w5d. She weights 5lbs 13oz. I am guessing she is gonna be a big little girl. The doctor said her assigned gestational size by sonogram is 36w. Maybe I am just a big baby but getting up to do anything is painful. Lol. I still have 5weeks too!!! Maybe they will take her a bit sooner so long as her lungs are mature. We don't want to have other obstacles for Miss Bryleigh to overcome!
I had my baby shower on Sunday. We got pretty much everything we needed. Of course I am not done :-). There is still some things that I want. I still haven't started on her room yet. I will get to that as soon as Michael fixes a few things.
I also had my tour of the NICU last Wednesday. It went really good. I am so glad that I got to do that. It really helps seeing where your baby will be staying, and them going over the process of delivery, etc with you. I was told that she would be having a surgery within 24 hours to fix the cephalocele on her head. They did tell me that they had never see one as small as hers. This is great news. We love hearing good news!! They said that she would probably require a shunt, but that would be scheduled within her first week after birth. The doctors are very encouraging about everything. I am so excited and nervous. We just have to keep praying for her. The closer I get the more excited I am getting. I know this is normal, but I have had a hard time being excited throughout the whole pregnancy (since I found out about her condition) especially with some discouraging doctor visits, etc. But now that I have a better understanding of everything, and we are getting close, I am very excited!!


Tyler said...

I just found your site though another. I completely know what you are going through, being excited and nervous at the same time. I found out my son had hydrocephalus when I was 21 weeks. He is know 3 years old and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned so much from him and that it is all about the little things in life that matter. I ended up delivering at 39 weeks. I was suppose to go at 37 weeks but his lungs just weren't quite strong enough. So we waited and I am glad we did b/c he needed no oxygen right after birth.

I'll be thinking and praying for you as the days get closer.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Eva, my daughter Alivia has hydrocephalus. My heart goes out to you and your family as I found out during my 18 week sonogram that our baby would have hydrocephalus. As we entered our darkest hours we found strength in our family and friends and church and we knew that termination was not an option. I wish you all the best. Alivia is 11 weeks... I would love to share our story with you so far, we are truely blessed.
My email is

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Stephanie - How are your doctor's appointments going? You are so close to meeting her for the first time! I'm thinking of you and your family! Have a Merry Christmas!

Sherri said...

I know you from the babycenter boards...and Well, you SHOULD be excited!! She will be here before you know it :) I remember that last month I was so uncomfortable, too. I can't wait to see photos of little Bryleigh! I'm so glad they are fixing her cephalocele right away. They didn't fix Miles' until he was 2 1/2 mos. because the skin on his little head was stretch so thin and he was soooo uncomfortable. Once they fixed that, he was like a new (happy) baby! Best wishes :)

Sherri said...

oops, sorry, my blog is

Lisa said...

Hi! So exciting, she'll be here soon. Stay strong and just enjoy the journey :)

The Soldatke family said...

I just found your blog on the fetal hydrocephalus website. My son, Matthew was born at 38 weeks and is 7 months old (tomorrow) and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 20 weeks. I bet you are so excited to see your little one! It won't be much longer! Glad to meet you!