Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yep, Im just paranoid :-)

So yes I was more than likely just being paranoid. We are just going to take the "conservative" approach for now and try to monitor the spells more closely. So again, we will not have to go back to him unless a need arises in the future. He is such a great doctor though. But there is no need to have so many if we don't need to. The first week in September we go see the developmental doctor. Hopefully that are as pleased with her as we are :-) She is such an easy going baby. Everywhere i take her people comment on how good and happy she is. She can sit up on her own unassisted on the bed for a few seconds at a time. When she starts trying to look around a lot she falls over.
Bryleighs hair is curly I think. She doesn't have a bunch yet, but the stuff she has on top curls. It so cute. It also swoops up over her shunt. Its not quite long or heavy enough to lay down over it. I put bows on her occasionally and she pulls them off and puts them in her mouth.
It's night night time!


Zoe said...

What a CUTIE! That is great news that the Neurologist doesn't think that there is much reason for concern. I know that you probably monitor every little thing though. I know I do with Lillian. I notice that Lily will stare more if she is sleeepy or is advancing developmentally.

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Awesome! I think you're dr. is pretty awesome too!
No big deal being paranoid because it is a huge relief when it seems like you were getting worked up over nothing!
She is just the cutest thing around town!! Love that smile!

Anonymous said...

I agree...nothing wrong with a mother's intuition. I think it would be a good idea to keep monitoring her staring spells.