Friday, November 6, 2009

Holidays are Nearing!

Time goes by so fast. I can not believe Bryleigh will be 1 in 2 months. My son Tyler turns 5 in 2 weeks. So this time around our house is very busy! We have birthdays to plan, and holidays to prepare for. But with all the plans I absolutely love this time of year. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas, I think that is when my house is the prettiest :-)
Bryleigh is continuing to do great. She is crawling around the house, getting into sitting position on her own, and talking alot. She is very fascinated with the dog food and laptop. She will be playing in the floor with her toys and as soon as someone sits down with the lap top she is right there trying to get some play time in on the keyboards. lol. She goes after dog food everytime she sees it, and I could not figure out the fascination. So i let her make her way to it the other day and she did not eat it, just wanted to feel it and throw them around. She definitely lets us know if she does not like something. She will give us her pouty lip or throw herself backwards.
About two weeks ago Michael was dropping Bryleigh off at the sitter and he pulled her arms to get her out of her car seat (something I said NOT to do ALL the time)and her elbow pulled out of place. She was in so much pain and it was so sad. I left work and met them at the hospital. They moved her arm around and did something that put it back. That day she was very fussy and would not use that arm at all. I started to worry because the doctors said she should be back to using it normally within a few hours. But by the next morning she was using it and pushing herself up with it. That was such a bad experience. So needless to say daddy does not pick her up that way anymore.
Bryleigh had an ophthalmology appointment about 3 weeks ago and they said her left eye does not focus as good as her right eye. We have started patching her eye for an hour a day each day. She does not like when i put it on her so she shakes her head side to side so I cannot get it on. Once I succeed she is fine with it. We have to do this for 4 months.
Next week she has an endocrinology appointment. I am not sure what exactly they are going to do, her doctors have just suggested she go to one. The following week she has an appointment at Scottish Rite. Her developmental doctor referred her to be seen. I have heard so many great things about the hospital.
Bryleigh is still in ECI and I think it is helping her so much. Her therapist sees another little boy at Bryleighs sitter too. Every time she comes to work with him she will do some stuff with Bryleigh even if she doesn't have an appointment.
Below are some recent pictures of Bryleigh from my phone. Sorry the quality may not be great, I have a ton on my camera that are probably more clear but I am at work so I can not get to them.

Tyler & Bryleigh at the Arboretum in Dallas

Bryleigh's Halloween pj's she wore to her sitters!

My little bumble bee!

Just one of the big smiles Bryleigh likes to give!!


Kristen said...

Bryleigh looks amazing and she is doing so great! I feel giddy hearing about her getting herself into a sitting position, moving around, exploring, and voicing her opinions. What fun you all are having!

Oh but I am so sorry about her little arm pulling out of place. What an awful experience for all of you. I'm trying to think in my mind the routine of lifting Cayman out of her car seat and if we pull on her arm. Hmmm, I'll have to bring that up to Mike and make sure we are doing it properly too so no more injuries occur to these little ones.

Tyler said...

Time does fly. Bryleigh is getting so big and sounds like she is doing great, with the exception of her arm. Tyler has the same fascination with the laptop. He loves to hit the keys on the keyboard. I love the pictures!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Carla said...

WOW, I can't believe she will be a year! Time flies. She is amazing. You have a beautiful family:)

Hannon! said...

Wow! She is doing awesome! Audrey is fascinated with the laptop too. And, now that she is crawling she's quicker to get to it. I'm actually kind of nervous about putting the tree up this year because she's going to find grabbing it pretty funny.
I'm so sorry that she dislocated her elbow - poor girl. I bet your husband felt terrible, but kids are so resilient that I'm sure it didn't faze Bryleigh a bit.
You guys sound like you've been pretty busy and I hope the patch helps strengthen her left eye.
She has the BEST smile around!! That smile will make this holiday season even more special.

Anonymous said...
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