Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a Day

The appointment with the developmental doctor went good. She said that Bryleigh is about 2 almost 3 months in her gross motor skills and as far as cognitive its hard t tell because Bryleigh's vision impairment. She also felt that Bryleigh does not see well. But every doctor has told me that so nothing new! She said that her expressive language is good. She would coo and Bryleigh would coo back. Also, she does very good at trying to hold her head up. So we will just keep working with her!
The doctor did her head measurement and got a measurement of 46.7. That is up 2 centimeters from Wednesday. I know technique plays a little role in measurements. I took her to her pediatrician to get measured and they got her at 45.8. Which is still up from her appointment two weeks ago. I also measured and got a higher number than I normally do. So I am going to take her to the hospital to get looked at. She has been spitting up alot, but she is not lethargic or anything, so that great. I just want to get her looked at as soon as possible. Her doctor said I could just wait for an appointment with the neuro surgeon, but I think it may be best to have her looked at just in case. I will keep yall posted!!Please keep us in your prayers!!

I also have been up since 4a.m. My older sister got in a wreck, and then my little sister got in one around 8a.m. They are both okay though!!But its been a looong day!!


Kristen said...

It's an exciting time when they finally hold their head up by themselves. for her to be making that kind of progress with having a 46 cm head circumference shows how strong she is!

I sure hope everything is working well with her shunt. We have been down that road of several shunt failures with Cayman and I hope that is not the case for Bryleigh. I'll be praying and watching for your updates.