Monday, April 13, 2009

Doctor visit went good today. We got great news. There is no damage to her nerves. They dilated her eyes and did not see any damage to anything, everything looks normal. (I cannot remember any of the terms of what he looked at :-)) He however was not able to tell me if her vision was impaired. He said he would like to see her back in 6 months and maybe when she is 1 year he will have a test done where they put some electrodes on her head and flash a series of lights and measure her brain activity. I was thinking about this, and I was not sure if this is something that should be done sooner, say at 6 months of age? If a problem can be detected, we can do activities with her to stimiluate her eye sight. Just a thought. I do not know much about visual problems, but from what I have gathered some of the doctors have already done this test with the babies. Anyone have this same test done? If so, at what age?

Bryleigh has been smiling more and making alot of noises. It's so cute. She also has been doing really good at pulling herself up when I kind of pull on her arms.She really likes being in the sitting position. When I lay her back down she tries to pull her self back up :-) She is so adorable. Everytime she makes a noise or gives me a smile it makes me so happy! She is such a blessing!

Matthew's mommy,

Thanks for commenting on my last post. I'm not exactly sure how everyone responds t questions from their posts? Bryleigh did have a genetic test done after birth. It was called a chromosomal micro array test. Everything came back normal. I still havent heard back from the neurologist. I will be sure to post as soon as I do. I have read through yours, and Elisabeth's blog and it does seem like Bryleigh is alot like them.


Zoe said...

That is great news! :D

Lisa said...

It sounds like they want to do an EEG? Elisabeth has had many of them due to her seizures, the first being at 6 weeks old.

About the vision.....Elisabeth was first seen by an ophthamologist when she was 2 months old and then again at 4 months old. At that point they determined that she was blind and that her vision was not going to improve...ha! We took her back a year later.....and the rest is history :)

So even if she is behind visually, don't give up. There is always hope :)

She is a beautiful little girl :)

Shannon said...

Oh, I see your answer for the genetic testing I just sent you!

I bet they checked for Opic Nerve Hypoplesia right? Is that the big word you were looking for. I hate knowing this stuff! So glad that everything looks good with her eyes!