Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back Home

We got home last night! Our trip went great. Bryleigh was so good on the plane! She was awake more for last nights fligt, but she was content looking around.

Plane ride home~

She did so good during her infusion on Tuesday. She did not even cry when they started her IV. She tensed up, and I thought she was gonna cry but Dr. Kurtzberg did a great job and got it on the first try!! She slept through the infusion (which was only about 10 minutes. The doctors said she would smell like cream corn from the infusion. And she did, all night! It stunk. lol. They said that when they do the infusions the patients always get that smell.

~All the stuff to prepare for the infusion (her cord blood)~

~Awake after the IV was put in

~Sleeping after the infusion. She is getting IV fluids~

~Sleepy baby :-)

Wednesday we went and met with the neurologist. I have not yet met with a neurologist since Bryleigh was born because I did not think we needed one, but after meeting with him I think it would be a good idea to get one. Her neuro surgeon is great, but the neurologist goes over more issues. Her left eye appears to be maybe a lazy eye, but it could be something she will grow out of, it is not for sure though so we will meet with an optomologist and see. There are a couple others things that we will be going over with her peditrician just to make sure that they are okay. Overall I feel we got alot out of our trip. Everyone was very helpful, we arejust so grateful for the opportunity!!


Kristen said...

What a great feeling to have those precious stem cells circulating her body!! We are so glad we did this for Cayman.

The pictures of Bryleigh are so sweet. I love the last one of her sleeping with her hand up by her face. I just want to cuddle her!

Lisa said...

Let's hope that those cells are fast at work :)
Owen and his parents sure did pave the way for a lot of us, didn't he? I feel so blessed to have found their website!

And about the creamed corn...isn't it the truth! We joked about dressing Elisabeth as a corn on the cob for Halloween last year in memory of 'the smell'!

Hamza Zakir said...

awww...soo cute...i love the last picture she looks soooooooo peaceful!

Hamza Zakir said...

if you dont mind can u tell me wht infusion?....

Michelle said...

Bryleigh has been added to our "Wall of Fame" on the Cord Blood page. Bryleigh was #10, I feel like we should have made a T-Shirt or something to mark the occasion! Congrats! And Go Cells Go!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Stephanie - I'm so glad the trip was successful!

Now... I know you're probably tired of my recommendation for Dr. Elterman but I cannot say enough good things about him!! He is a wonderful doctor and he is great about keeping your Pediatrician in the loop. Email me if you need his number - he explains everything perfectly and is very detailed!!

Bryleigh is so adorable!!!

Alice Kubac said...

What a cutie! I am glad you were able to do the infusion, we were gonna try with our baby, but did not get enough cordblood for it. Best of Luck!

Alice said...

She is so beautiful!